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Assignment Editing

There are the ways to empower the writing assignment to convey a complete and innovative message. Our editors know how to do it.

Thesis Editing

When the research work is done, thesis is written and at last it seems to be over, have a rest and we’ll do all corrections for your grammar and style to meet requirements. A special proposition for long and repetitive projects: the team of experienced editors will maintain the reviewing process!

Paper Editing

We balance quality and quickness when polishing your papers so that you both meet deadline and have all the mistakes corrected, and the plagiarism eliminated from your work.

Dissertation Editing

Our editors team will free your hands and intellect to focus on the content by accomplishing proofreading and accompanying you throughout the Ph.D. process!

Research Paper Editing

We have an ultimate knowledge of the research paper key points and structure which allow presenting the perfect form for your meaningful idea.

Book Editing

Even a professional experienced writers need editing. We offer higher-quality one! We can improve the text and preserve your approach.

Essay Editing

Our editors will check your writing accurately and quickly and make it stand out. We give no chance to the structural, grammatical, formatting issues and plagiarism.

Academic Editing

Our editors team corrects mistakes, makes the text logically and structurally consistent and checks the referencing style. Professionalism and critical approach guaranteed.

Term Paper Editing

We can refine your paper preserving and empowering its originality even within short time limits.

Our editors are specialists ready to give you back up and make your letters sound and look great. Separate departments edit creative, academic, technical and corporate tutoring.


About Us

The experience matters. We can apply the vast experience of our professional editors to your writing projects to ensure your success.

Welcome to! We proofread any kinds of papers and -upgrade them at all levels, from the grammar to vocabulary and structure. Take your writing to the beauty salon!



Correct grammar and right sentence structure are essential for your text to be read smoothly;

Appropriate formatting enables better text perception;

Structured work with clear paragraph division and suitable tites faciliates reading and understanding;

Not only technical editing but the specialist’s opinion on the project, its clearness, completeness, and style;

Suggestions that will help to upgrade your writing skills next time.

Ph.D. Editors are Online!

What we are famous for:

  • Affordable and transparent pricing policy;
  • Timely delivery;
  • Quick estimating of cost;
  • Quality and dedication;
  • “Hard” and “Soft” editing;
  • Addintional services;
  • Making all possible corrections;
  • Accepting work in all existing formats: be it a print screen, pdf or a manuscript!

There isn’t a word for everything, but every word in your document has to be flawless if it is to be understood. We know how to ensure the success of your writing – let’s work together!


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